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What to know about moving to Finland?

Besides being an entrepreneur, in my day job I'm an integration & relocation specialist in the gaming company. My responsibility is to ensure that the colleagues and their families get to move into Finland smoothly - and to mention all the bureaucracy before and after that. Therefore, I've decided to create a series of blog posts about moving to Finland. I'm glad if you find this useful!


I'm a +30 year old single mother of two. My hobbies besides spending time with my kiddos include gym, wine tastings, second-hand shopping, travelling, going out with my friends. I've lived in the UK, Romania, Belgium and Spain. Usually because of my ex-husband's work. Somehow I've always managed to find a job, studies and hobbies on the way. This hasn't always been easy, and could've used some help every now and then.

I'm originally from Helsinki, and could say that I know everything possible about how the system works in Finland. Besides helping out with bureaucracy, I am the person who can possibly support a spouse of an expat to find a job through my personal connections or introduce person to the people in the person's industry. To support my colleagues and their spouses, I made a tiny guidebook about integrating to Finland. Well, it isn't actually too tiny. But life can surprise you, thus wanted to add everything in the guide that I might personally find useful.

Integrating to Finland can be easier for those whom move here for work. If reading this, you might be a spouse who has moved to Finland because of your partner's work. I've also been in that situation before moving back to Helsinki. Integrating is hardly ever seamless. That's why I'm here to support your dreams, needs and demands. In this blog you'll find an info package, where I've collected my personal tips about what I've discovered useful in terms of career, hobbies and having children in Finland.

When moving to finland, you'll need...

  1. Right of residence

Whether or not you're an EU-citizen, each member of your family needs to be registered to Finland. Read more and register from here.

2. Personal ID Nr.

You need a personal identification number for all of your family members. Without this you don't exsist in our system. Read more and apply from here.

3. A home

For getting a bank account, you need a proof of address. For this purpose, you need a home.

4. Bank accounts

Even though you would not necessarily be working, you need an own bank account - first of all because we use bank logins as a proof of identity with every single service in Finland! For getting a bank account, besides having a right of residence, you'll need to have a permanent address in Finland. Please keep in mind that you cannot get a digital ID unless having a Finnish ID card. But you can open a bank account before having a Finnish ID.

5. Phone number

You might want to first have a prepaid phone number with 5G internet connection included. You can just go to the closest "R-KIOSKI" and ask for the DNA prepaid for example with unlimited calls and internet.

6. Clothing & Furnitures

We Finns love recycling and second-hand. It's actually really trendy right now! You can make great design discoveries at the price of cheap fashion and IKEA! Since this is one of my favourite topics, a lot of content about this coming up!

What to do then?

A Daycare / School place for the kids

Finland is an extraordinary place in many ways. This is definitely one of the best things: All the best daycares and schools are the public ones. Trust me on this!

  • As soon as you have a permanent address, apply for the daycare online from this link:

In case your child might need special assistance, for example because of autism, you will get every possible support incl. therapies free of charge.

  • The school your children get to is based on your permanent address. As soon as you have one, enroll your kiddos to the school online:

Apply for unemployed worker status

In case you're not employed, it is highly advisable to apply for an "unemployed worker" -status, because you will benefit so much about it!

Check from KELA.FI
for what kind of benefits are you allowed to. Login to KELA.FI service with your banking credentials.

Make your own routines

Routines are the cure for home-sickness and blues that you might feel after moving to a new country with an extremely weird language. Don't worry if you don't find "your thing" right away - it will come to you. Try to surround yourself with things that you enjoy of and keep a mind open for new opportunities. These are the things that helped me a lot in the new countries.

Taxation in finland

There are a plenty of small things you can do to avoid paying too much taxes. Before starting to work or receiving unemployment benefits, you need to order yourself a tax card. There are a lot of things that you can deduct in your own personal taxes, such as a work computer or a bus ticket!

Order yourself a tax card online at

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